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by: Kelowna divorce lawyer – Marriages are one of the most sensitive commitments there are as it involves and signifies the love of a couple and their trustworthiness towards each other. Any action, regardless of its gravity, can have a significant effect on this delicate relationship, where an act as small as remembering an important date can strengthen the bond. On the other hand, ignorant actions can have severe damage on the relationship. While being one of the most substantial relations in the life of many individuals, marriages do not work out for everyone, and people retreat from it with a divorce.

Although the result of a divorce is concrete – the separation of the couple – there are a number of ways to approach this division of individuals. Here are some of the most common ways to divorce.

Summary Divorce

This is one of the most simplified types of divorce and it is mostly taken up by people who do not have much to lose from the partition of their relationship. The couples who divorce each other in this way usually have been married for only five years or even less. With so less time with each other, it is unlikely that they have huge joint debts or much property or children to share. It only requires a few forms and is easy to do yourself.

Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce is one in which both individuals cooperate to be in agreement with each other and the terms of a divorce that might include issues such as custody, debts, and support. It is one of the best choices when filing for a divorce as it inflicts the least amount of trauma on ex-partners and their children if any.

Default Divorce

This is a type of divorce that is not very common but is still mentioned here as it can help many people who want a divorce, but their spouse will not respond. In this type, the divorce is granted if only one from the married couple agrees to it, but the other person will not participate in proceedings. It is usually granted when one spouse has left and is nowhere to be found.

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is another form of the dissolution of the relationship with negotiations between the spouses but involves working with divorce lawyers. Both spouses have their own divorce lawyer, but there is no judge and the four people work cooperatively to have a fair negotiation. All information is disclosed for everyone to reach a suitable settlement.

Contested Divorce

This type of divorce is for those people who argue too much with each other over the custody of their property and children. When it seems like the matter cannot be solved internally, the case is sent to the court where a respected judge decides about the result of the divorce after hearing all the evidence and going through all the proofs regarding their marriage agreements and conditions. Both spouses hire divorce lawyers and the process goes to a court trial that can be lengthy.