Budgeting for the layman

ming-leeHaving a well-organized budget is very important as there are a significant number of expenses that need to be taken care of every day. Budgeting helps provide a solution to the basic economic problem of scarcity. Everyone is aware of the fact that they have limited resources and unlimited wants. Amidst such circumstances, it is not feasible to spend as much as the heart desires. People need control and budgeting is one way of taking control of their lives, particularly its financial aspect.

Creating a budget
The first step that can help you create an effective budget involves listing down the expenses and income of the last three months. This will cover all quarterly payments and income bonuses as well. It will help make the budget for the next month more accurate. There are also Toronto debt counselling companies that can help if needed. The most important part of making a budget is to be completely honest with the expenses being made and following the plan effectively.

budgetThe second step is to choose a certain type of plan. One type could include giving different importance to different categories according to your priority. Necessary expenses can be given 50% of the total income, which can include rent and food, while unnecessary expenses can be given 30% such as for phone and television bills and 20% for future expenses such as saving for retirement. Another type of plan could involve dividing the expenses into two portions: fixed and variable. Fixed expenses may include the necessary expenses such as insurance, bills, and health care. They can be reduced, but only to a certain extent. Variable expenses may include the money spent on unnecessary expenses such as cinema tickets and fast food that can be reduced easily if needed.

The third and final step is to manage your expenses. There are two ways to manage the expenses being made. If technological advancements are preferred, online applications or Excel can be used. Mint and Microsoft offer excellent user-friendly budget templates that can be downloaded easily. Otherwise, keeping a notebook at all times is also an option; this way the expenses being made can be quickly recorded at all times.

Implementing the budget
debt-counsellingThere are many other different ways to implement the plan you have made. One way may be to decide the most convenient way to pay the utility bills, whether to opt for the online approach or manually. This varies from person to person and whichever one is more suitable. Another way could be to organize the bills according to categories, which makes it easier to pay the bills on time. Saving is another way to implement the plan; if money is not saved, meeting the monthly targets can become quite difficult. Expenses need to be cut back and reduced to meet the target and make the plan effective.

To conclude, a budget has proven to be very effective for a number of people and is a good technique to meet targets and spend efficiently.